Waiting for the 50th: CROSSOVERS AHOY!

Crossover fanfiction has a long and glorious legacy, of course, but with YouTube, sometimes fans can make it seem even more real.  Check out these fan-made YouTube crossovers!


Star Trekkin’ with the Doctor:


Doctor Who, treated and edited as if it were clips from live-action Disney movies:


Tangled in the Tardis, setting clips mostly from “The Eleventh Hour” to the audio from Tangled’s trailer:


Reverse the Polarity Productions has done a whole bunch of quite good crossover trailers:

Star Wars 4-6 (there used to be an awesome one for The Phantom Menace, but there was actually a takedown notice on it — shocking, considering how casual Lucasarts is about that stuff)r:

Back to the Future:

Star Trek: the Next Generation:


The Dalek Invasion of Stargate:

Stargate: Whoniverse


Crossing over with multiple movies:


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