Happy 50th to the Most Evil Race in the Universe: the DALEKS!!!

50 years ago yesterday (December 21), the first episode of “The Daleks” went out, titled “The Dead Planet”.  Having narrowly escaped death in the stone age, our heroes find ourselves in a post-apocalyptic wasteland on a distant planet . . . but one which they do not realize is permeated with deadly radiation.  The two native hominid races on the planet, the Dals* and the Thals, had been engaged an all-out war that had eventually escalated to nuclear war, devastating their planet, petrifying the forest, and mutating everything that ventured outdoors.  The Thals mutated full-circle, into beautiful, peace-loving people, while the Daleks mutated far more severely, ultimately being reduced to boneless blobs with tentacles and an unbridled hatred of anything unlike themselves, forced to live in an armored life support system that would come to strike terror into the hearts of millions.  These original Daleks were confined to their city, since their travel machines depended on static electrical charge through the floor to power them, but later models clearly addressed that deficiency.  They were as inhuman, and though some parts were clearly fairly inexpensive household items (a sink plunger, and a gun made out of a paint roller), the overall effect was quite innovative and unique.  The continued survival of Doctor Who is as much a testimony to the Daleks as it is to the magnificent work of William Hartnell and everybody else involved; Hartnell made the Doctor someone you could care about, and the Daleks gave him a worthy adversary.  So, in memory of all those great stories, here are all the trailers to Dalek stories (excluding those in which the Daleks are incidental or just show up at the end as a bridge to the next story):

The Daleks


The Dalek Invasion of Earth


The Chase


The Dalek Masterplan (a ten-part epic, most of which is missing; look for Nicholas Courtney as Bret Vyon, his first Dr Who role):


The Power of the Daleks, a rare surviving actual trailer to this missing episode (Patrick Troughton’s first) from 1966:


The Evil of the Daleks (one of the great missing episodes, and I could not find any acceptable trailers, so here is a surviving clip):


Day of the Daleks


Planet of the Daleks


Genesis of the Daleks


Destiny of the Daleks


Resurrection of the Daleks


Revelation of the Daleks


Remembrance of the Daleks




The Parting of the Ways


Army of Ghosts/Doomsday


Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks


The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End


Victory of the Daleks


Asylum of the Daleks


The Day of the Doctor


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