Doctor on set! And riding a horse. In his jammies.

Location shooting for Season Eight of Doctor has begun, apparently with a Victorian-era story involving the Paternoster Gang.  They’d already been spotted on location, but now Peter Capaldi has shown up.  We still haven’t gotten a look at his new Twelfth Doctor costume; I’m sure that’s being kept under tight wraps for as long as possible.  But he’s not in the Eleventh’s outfit either here.  Like several Doctors before him, he apparently winds up in pajamas at some point.  Fans saw him riding on a fake horse towed behind a shooting rig, followed by his stunt double on a real horse for the long shots.

There’s also a whole gallery of stuff on Flikr.  Check it out!

Doctor Who TV: Series 8 Filming: Capaldi in Action


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