Two amazing interactive maps: one mesmerizing, one deadly

I love infographics and charts and things, and I love maps.  So of course it follows that I really like maps that are infographics.  😉  This first one comes from the Guardian and is just amazingly beautiful and mesmerizing to watch.  It does take a while to load, but that’s just because it’s pulling live data.  That’s right: this map showing the motions of airliners worldwide is shown them as they actually are right now.

In flight: see the planes in the sky right now – interactive

And this global map is also remarkable, but much more sinister: from The Council of Foreign Relations Global Health Program comes this map charting all vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks worldwide since 2008 (the year they started keeping consistent statistics on such things).  And you can scroll through it by year, which allows some interesting trends to become apparent.  Go ahead and play around with it.

CFR: Vaccine-Preventable Outbreaks


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