Potentially hazardous asteroid 2000 EM26 will fly by Earth tomorrow

It’s not an incredibly close flyby, fortunately, but it is close enough that it will be studied during the pass.  The asteroid has an estimated diameter of 270 meters, and will have a relative velocity of 27,000 MPH when it passes about eight times the distance to the Moon.

You can follow the pass via the Slooh Observatory at this link, starting at 8PM CST (0200 GMT February 18).

Hopefully there won’t be any other surprises, like there were a little over a year ago, when the Chelyabinsk impactor came out of the sunlight and struck the atmosphere over Siberia even as astronomers worldwide were watching the close flyby of 2012 DA14 (which was later designated 367943 Duende) on the other side of the world.  The Chelyabinsk impactor had no relationship to that asteroid, so it was a freak coincidence, which means there shouldn’t be one this time….


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