LEGO Doctor Who????

As in . . . actual LEGO?

Don’t get me wrong; the stuff from Character Building is pretty sweet.  But there’s major nostalgia in those cylindrical yellow heads — and, of course, genuine LEGO minifigs have real Ice Warrior hands.  😉  So a lot of us have been really wishing for real LEGO Doctor Who sets, not just LEGO-compatible, and guess what?

It sounds as if Character Building’s license may have expired, or has been renegotiated, because LEGO’s CUUSOO website is announcing that as of this month, there is no longer a licensing conflict, so if you want to propose a Doctor Who set, go get on that website, and do it!

While you’re at it, go around the website and look at some of the awesome projects creative LEGO fans have invented and submitted, and vote on the ones you like.


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