The Police Box Returns

In its original function.  😉  In Boscombe, Dorset, police are installing a steel police box in a very familiar style.  It’s not finished yet, but it’s still unmistakably the same design as the TARDIS.


Some might quibble that it isn’t wood, like the TARDIS, but it’s actually a bit of a continuity error that the TARDIS is meant to be wood — real police boxes were always made of much sturdier materials, such as concrete or steel, but the original prop was of course made of light, inexpensive timber.  Eventually, the production crew forgot that police boxes were never made of wood and assumed that since their prop was, that’s what it was supposed to be.  Even when a fiberglass prop was introduced in the 80s, it was still meant to be wood.

This new box will serve in the same function as its predecessors of a century ago, offering beat officers a place to work out of the wind and rain and to store equipment, and with a working telephone that the public can really use to contact the police.  That said, they’re also expecting it to be a bit of tourist attraction.  😉

Doctor Who fans excited by Boscome ‘Tardis’ police box


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