Soyuz TMA-12M has arrived at the ISS

A day late, but better late than never, as the PAO commentator says in this video:

They were intended to dock on their fourth orbit, just a few hours after launch, but a thruster issue led to the flight day one docking being waved off.  But the third rendezvous burn was misaligned and automatically aborted, due to a one-degree error in the spacecraft’s orientation.  This made it impossible to make the flight day one docking, due to the meticulous timing required for such a rendezvous, so they reverted to the old, 48-hour rendezvous timeline and docked on orbit 34.  Roscosmos and NASA have not released details on the root cause of the problem on flight day one, but they indicated they are confident it will not happen again and have procedural fixes to prevent it.


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