LEGO Doctor Who moves a step closer!

Ooooh, this is getting exciting!  Andrew Clark’s lovely CUUSOO proposal got 10,000 votes, which is enough to advance it to the review stage — and LEGO sounds excited about it too.  😉

From LEGO: “Old and new Doctor Who fans can now rejoice that this project has reached 10,000 supporters!

You’ve done a great job converting the adventures through time and space, which all started in that junkyard on Totter’s Lane, into Lego form for fans everywhere to enjoy. This project includes a number of popular adversaries for the Doctor and his companions to contend with, but with K-9 and the sonic screwdriver, they don’t stand a chance!

We now officially advance this project to the review phase.”

He’s got a demo video showing off his idea too.  The finished result from LEGO (if they get the rights and all that) might differ, but it’s a very intriguing concept – complete with Totter’s Lane and a TARDIS that’s, in a way, bigger on the inside.  😉  He’s managed to make something original, very LEGO, and not duplicating what Character Building had done.


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