Dragon’s CRS-3 mission is on its way!

SpaceX has successfully launched the CRS-3 Dragon capsule towards the ISS!  High seas prevented recovery of the flyback stage, but they got good telemetry during its descent showing that not only were the landing legs not a problem, the stage was able to halt its spinning, which is what had destroyed the first stage on the last attempt at a flyback test.  SpaceX will continue to analyze the data on the flyback.  But one thing is for sure: the launch was fully successful, putting Dragon on course to meet the ISS on Easter.

SpaceflightNow also has a lovely set of launch photos by Walter Scriptunas.

After deployment of Dragon, the rocket was scheduled to deploy a cubesat called KickSat loaded with 104 postage-stamp sized satellites called “sprites” that are little more than a microprocessor, some tiny solar cells, and two wires to act as antennas.  They transmit messages, with the idea being to substitute size with quantity.  At 104, this sets a record for quantity of subsatellites deployed.


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