An Indian man who’s really changing things for Indian women

It cost him a lot — money, his marriage, his family, his home — but he managed to make a breakthrough in affordable sanitary napkins for women in India, and to persuade many to use them.  And he’s not doing it for money; he’s doing it because he saw a genuine need and wants to satisfy it.  The story has a happy ending, too, because he got his marriage, his family, and his home back, as people got over the taboos he was breaking by discussing menstruation matter-of-factly in a country where even women didn’t talk about it.  It’s quite inspiring; give it a read!

BBC News – The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary

The article is two months old, but it’s timely now, because last Wednesday was designated Menstrual Hygiene Day by charities looking to relieve some of the terrible problems that women worldwide face merely because of their fertility.  In many parts of the world, menstruation makes women unclean, makes it difficult to go out into public since they lack adequate absorbent products and safe places to change them out, and causes them to suffer disease because of unsanitary means of dealing with menstrual blood.  Menstruation alone keeps millions of girls out of school worldwide, because they have no way of dealing with their flow during the school day, and there is so much taboo and shame about it that many girls worldwide have no idea it comes from the uterus, no idea how it relates to their fertility, and in fact generally have no idea what it is when it first happens to them because it is never discussed.  To get an idea of how severe this challenge is in the rest of the world, read these articles:


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