A quick funny for today: Luke meets the Joker

This has been viral for a bit, so you may already have seen it.  But I’m too tired to make a decent post tonight, so I’m sharing it with you because it is beautiful and wonderful.  Mark Hamill is of course not only the man we all came to love as Luke Skywalker, but also one of the best voice actors in the animation business; people now know him at least as well as the Joker.  (Apropos: we watched “Avatar: the Last Airbender” during dinner tonight; he’s in that, as the arch villain of the piece, Fire Lord Ozai.)  At a convention, someone recently asked him to improvise a meeting between the Joker and Luke, and it’s priceless.

It’s a special treat because he rarely does the Joker anymore; the laugh is absolutely perfect, but also apparently murder on the vocal chords.


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