Apollo Wasn’t Faked – A Different Approach

We’ve all heard about the Apollo Moon Hoax by now — the notion that perhaps NASA didn’t really send a dozen guys to the Moon from 1969 to 1972 but instead just faked the whole thing in a studio.  Mythbusters has tackled it; various prominent skeptics have tackled it; even Hoagland tackled it since it made it hard for his *contradictory* conspiracy theory.  But these generally take the approach of addressing specific claims and showing why they are wrong, which is kind of a futile task since a sufficiently creative conspiracy theorist can always come up with a new claim, while the skeptic is constrained by the available facts.

But what if we looked at it from another perspective — was it even *possible* to fake the Apollo landings in 1969?

(Credit where credit is due: I got the link to that video from today’s Cracked article on conspiracy theories.)

Of course, for a goofier and less technical version of that line of approach, here’s Mitchell and Webb’s take:


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