Waiting for Series Eight: Spoilers! (Well, mild ones.)

SFX has published an interview with Steven Moffat, and MTV was kind enough to share some of the juicy details.  😉  Definitely go read this article; there’s plenty to whet your appetite but nothing that will ruin an episode.  It seems this new Doctor is going to be much more alien, as a product of the thousand years Eleven spent on Trenzalore, outliving people left and right and really being forced to appreciate that he’s not human after all, no matter how much he tries to pretend that his companions aren’t really aging after he’s left them.  And he’s going to be ruder, and a bit less immediately trustworthy than many of his predecessors.  Moffatt makes the interesting observation that this is necessary, because the fun, sexy Doctor concept had gotten old (“it’s become a long scarf”, he says) and so to keep us on our toes as an audience, it was time to change that.


Hang onto your screwdrivers, folks.  This is gonna be an interesting season.


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