Waiting for Series Eight: interview with the new Doctor!

The Sunday Times had an exclusive interview with Peter Capaldi, and BlogtorWho has a great overview.  😉  Crucial tidbits:

* his Doctor will not be flirting with his companions; Capaldi’s been a fan as long as he can remember, and in the old days, the rule was always “No hanky-panky in the TARDIS.”  Plus, he’s 55 and Jenna Coleman is 28; it would be seriously weird.

* Asking him if Daleks or Cybermen are better is a foolish question; like the biggest Whovians of us all, he’ll get bogged down in specifics for hours.  Things like “which Cybermen — the ones from alternate Earth or the ones from Mondas?”

* He’s one of those actors who insists on keeping his wedding ring on, so they’ve constructed a signet ring for the Doctor that will cover it.  Shades of Hartnell, whose Doctor also had a characteristic ring.  😉

* He describes the Doctor as being both mad and joyful; the Doctor enjoys watching stars born in distant galaxies as much as he enjoys litter drifting across a parking lot at sunset.

* He collected quotes and tidbits upon which to base his Doctor, which he compiled into a book — a book which is under lock and key after the recent script leaks.

And then there’s this bit.  He said that his mother indulged his fandom by sending him a copy of the Doctor Who Annual every year, but since the 2005 revival, figures she must have thought he’s too grown-up for it now (though he speculated she might start up again now).  So the interviewer asked him how long she continued sending them.  From this answer, I’m guessing he has a complete set up through 1989.  😀


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