Waiting for Series 8: ShortList Talks to Peter Capaldi

It’s a great interview; definitely read the whole thing.  But I’ll just quote a few gems from it:

On learning that he’d gotten the part of the Doctor: “I finally got on the phone to my agent and she said, “Hello Doctor…” and I couldn’t tell anyone. I had to just stand in a corner and scream, and then I was walking around Prague singing the Doctor Who theme tune to myself.”

On the physical side of the role (though he assures fans he’s handling it fine and enjoy the hell out of it): “I took Matt Smith to lunch before we started and he came in on crutches. I said, “What happened to you, mate?” and he said “It’s this show, it’s this show…” I was just – he’s younger than me, what am I going to do?”

On being in a flying rig for a stunt: “It was like being nine, because you don’t normally get to play Doctor Who and Superman at the same time.”

He also discusses being a sinister butter salesman, visiting the set of “Adventure in Space and Time”, Malcolm Tucker, and winning an Oscar in a category he didn’t even realize existed (short film direction — which makes him the first Oscar-winning Doctor).

Peter Capaldi Talks Doctor Who


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