Taking out the trash — with STYLE!

Cygnus has returned to Earth . . . technically.  Yesterday, the spacecraft made a firey reentry, burning up in the atmosphere over the south Pacific.  The ISS crew had a lovely view of the destructive reentry, as it was night over that part of the Earth as they went overhead.  SpaceflightNow has a lovely image gallery.  😉

Today, the Russians conducted a spacewalk outside the ISS, installing a European experiment package, performing maintenance activities on the Russian segment, collecting samples off of Zvezda’s exterior to evaluate deposition of combustion products from its propulsion system over the past fourteen years in orbit, and also hand-launching a tiny nanosatellite for Peru.  Here, cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev has just released the Chasqui 1 imaging nanosatellite, which is floating away at top right.



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