Waiting for Series 8: Previews of All Episodes!

The BBC has released all of the titles and short synopses for Series Eight — which starts in just a few days!  SQUEEEEEEEEE!

I don’t know about you, but I’d say this is shaping up to be a great season.

Episode 1: Deep Breath
In Victorian London, there’s a restaurant that’s really a slaughterhouse (as long as it’s not Delicatessen, we’re probably okay), a buried spaceship, and an old foe long-forgotten.  Rumor has it there’s something dating back about 40 years in this one, as a nod to old fans, which would put it into the Pertwee era.

Episode 2: Into The Dalek
The Daleks are ultimate evil, right?  Well, what if one was so badly damaged it went good?  A small rebel force surrounded by Daleks (the normal, evil kind) have only one chance left, and it’s this good Dalek.  But is it really good, or is it a ploy?  The Doctor and Clara will go all “Incredible Voyage” (or “The Invisible Enemy”) in this one, going into the Dalek to see if it can be trusted….

Episode 3: Robot of Sherwood
I’m guessing this is like last season’s “Dinosaur on a Spaceship” — an idea so cool it had to be done.  Doctor Who!  And Robin Hood!  With robots!  The Doctor discovers an evil alien plot in Sherwood Forest — but it’s going to be difficult to sort it out if you can’t tell who is who.  Hmm.  Something like “The Android Invasion”, perhaps, crossed with “The Time Warrior”?

Episode 4: Listen
Everybody’s scared of something — what’s the Doctor scared of?  And Clara? They face ghosts of both future and past in this one: a terrified caretaker, the last survivor of the Universe, a boy who doesn’t want to join the army, and I think this is also the one where the writer described it as “what if when you’re talking to yourself, someone else answers?”

Episode 5: Time Heist
The Doctor is tasked with breaking into the Bank of Karabraxos, the most secure (and deadliest) bank in the Universe.  He’s got a beautiful shapeshifter to help him, but they’re up against the Teller, who can detect guilt.  I imagine the Teller will find no shortage of that when meeting the Doctor.

Episode 6: The Caretaker
Clara’s got a weird double-life, sort of like the Ponds did, and sooner or later something has to break.  She’s been keeping her normal life and her TARDIS life distinct, but then Coal Hill School gets a new caretaker with a Scottish accent.

Episode 7: Kill the Moon
In the not-too-distant future, the TARDIS crew find themselves on a shuttle busy crashing on the Moon.  They discover a mining base full of corpses, with terrifying creatures lurking in the darkness, and some sort of terrible dilemma.

Episode 8: Mummy on the Orient Express
Back in Series 6 there were rumors about an episode featuring a mummy and the Orient Express; makes me wonder whether this story actually has been knocking around a bit, waiting for the right time to be told.  I don’t know; all BBC has said is that there’s a Mummy on board the Orient Express, and if you see it, you will be dead in 66 seconds.  The Doctor is at his most ruthless, and apparently Clara decides that means it’s time to part ways.

Episode 9: Flatline
On her own now, Clara stumbles into an extra-dimensional (or less-dimensional?) menace.  Shades of Flatland perhaps; set reports from location shooting showed pictures of people painted on walls, like graffiti, only I think it’s a bit more sinister than just a bit of paint.

Episode 10: In the Forest of the Night
Someone likes their William Blake.  😉  One day, all over the world, everybody wakes up to find the forests have returned.  How?  And why?

Episodes 11/12 Dark Water / Death in Heaven
In a strange place called the Nethersphere, plots are being laid.  Old friends and old enemies gather, and the Doctor is presented with an impossible choice.  This one also features the Cybermen, and we know from set filming that they had great fun filming around London, recreating moments from “The Invasion” (with Patrick Troughton).

Also, the BBC has started a countdown!  Here’s yesterday’s video:

And here’s today’s:


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