It’s almost here!!!!

The wait is nearly over.  In half an hour, BBC America will air “Deep Breath”, the series eight premiere for Doctor Who.  I know, I’m a total hopeless geek, but I do love Doctor Who.  And the experience of meeting a new Doctor is very special.  We don’t have Troughton’s first episode anymore, but the others . . . “Spearhead from Space”, “Robot”, “Castrovalva”, “The Twin Dilemma”, “Time and the Rani”, the “Doctor Who” telemovie, “Rose”, “The Christmas Invasion”, “The Eleventh Hour”, “The Day of the Doctor”, and today . . . today we meet Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor in “Deep Breath”.


Take a deep breath.  😉

We’re almost there.

Goodbye, Matt Smith.  We’ll miss you.  And welcome, Peter Capaldi!  We’re all looking forward to the adventures.  😉


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