CST-100 and Dragon V2 announced as CCtCap winners!

This is a bummer for Sierra Nevada and their lovely Dream Chaser spaceplane, but in all honesty it’s what the majority of observers were expecting.  Boeing and SpaceX will now move towards man-rating and will begin flying crew from Florida to ISS and back by 2017.  The two providers are expected to carry out this man-rating process; NASA is not doing it for them.  NASA will support certification reviews, FRR and so forth, and contract awards will be paid based on meeting various milestones.  Both teams are expected to conduct at least one crewed flight to the ISS with a NASA astronaut on board prior to being considered operational.  This is very similar to how the cargo program was operated, and I’m excited to see where they both go from here.  😉


cst100_250x200 6_dragonv2


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