New Horizons has spotted Hydra!

It’s still got a ways to go before it gets to its target, but things are going to get progressively more exciting now as more and more of the target comes into view.  New Horizons is set to reach Pluto next July (just in time for my birthday! yay!), and today it’s spotted another one of its targets: Pluto’s moon Hydra.  You can barely make it out in this image.  The first two images in each set show the Pluto system two days apart, and the third one is a composite of the two with noise removed.  The bottom set adds reticles to show where Hydra would be each day.  It’s pretty cool.  😉

new-horizons-pluto-moon-hydraWe’re getting closer.  😉  And here’s an animated sequence made about a month ago showing Charon moving around Pluto:




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