There’s something strange on Titan…..

This is trending all over the space blogs right now.  The Cassini probe has discovered all kinds of amazing and wondrous things, solving old mysteries and opening up new ones, and it seems that it has found a new one.  One of the great triumphs of the mission is the incontrovertible evidence of liquid on the surface of Titan, liquid that forms lakes, evaporates to form clouds, falls as rain, and flows through rivers to rejoin those lakes in a cycle very much like our own water cycle.  But there’s a mystery in one of the largest of Titan’s lakes, Ligeia Mare.  Off the coast of Ligeia Mare, what looked on radar like an island appeared in in 2013.  It had never been seen before.  In more recent images, the “island” seems to be fading away again.  So what is it?  A brief volcanic island formed by a cryovolcano?  (On Earth, underwater volcanoes occasionally break the surface of the water with an eruption, but are then quickly eroded back into the sea.)  Bubbles formed by some sort of seasonal outgassing process?  Something like an iceberg?  Nobody knows, which is rather exciting.  😉

Cassini Watches Mysterious Feature Evolve in Titan Sea



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