Peter Capaldi on the Graham Norton Show

These are lovely, even for Graham Norton.  😉  First, Capaldi explains to Norton just how easily he could pilot the TARDIS, and recounts a lovely anecdote about encountering a young fan on the set of “The Three Musketeers” — before his casting had been announced.

This one may not be for the squeamish; Capaldi and Denzel Washington share their own experiences of dislocated fingers.  And seriously watch it anyway; Washington’s got some hilarious stories, especially when he talks about his kids.

And because nobody gets to leave the show without getting embarrassed in some way, Graham Norton reveals the full extent of Capaldi’s young geekery and his misguided attempt to take over the Doctor Who Fan Club at one age — and the startlingly negative reaction he got.  (Someone’s eating their words now!)


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