The Ultimate Third Doctor Cosplay

You might wonder why this cosplayer nails the look so well:


That’s because this is Sean Pertwee, who went as his dad’s most iconic role for Halloween.  😉



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2 responses to “The Ultimate Third Doctor Cosplay

  1. Sophia xx

    What a brilliant cosplay, I’ve also cosplayed as Rose Tyler will you check my blog out and tell me what you think as it’s my first cosplay!
    Sophia xx

    • I think you look awesome! Cosplay is fantastic fun. I went to Minneapolis ComicCon as a clockwork droid and loved it. My daughter Amy went as . . . well, Amy. 😉 (We seriously didn’t name her after Amy Pond. She was born while David Tennant was the Doctor. I promised my husband not to name our kids after Doctor Who companions, but I plead innocent when a companion gets the same name anyway!)

      Sean Pertwee does have a natural advantage in playing Jon Pertwee, of course. 😉 I hope they can get him on the show sometime. We’ve seen one of Patrick Troughton’s kids, and will see another at the Christmas special, and of course we’ve seen Peter Davison’s daughter. Keeping it in the family, as it were. 😉

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