An Adorable Whovian Bear

There have been many events where a city or museum or other group has put together a statue event.  Identical white statues are made, and various artists and teams of artists are challenged to put their own unique stamp on each one.  The results are usually then displayed publicly as street art, and are sometimes later auctioned off as a fundraiser.  For instance, St Paul, Minnesota did a Peanuts On Parade deal in 2000, the year of Charles Schultz’s death, with an amazing variety of inventively decorated Snoopy statues, and followed up several more parades the next few years.

Well, now the City of London is doing something like that, only with Paddington Bear.  The Paddington Trail celebrates the release of the movie Paddington later this month.  A lot of them are done by celebrities — Nicole Kidman, Emma Watson, Andrew Lloyd Webber (his is clearly doing “Cats”), Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Sheen, and many more, but the one I want to talk about is the one by Peter Capaldi, current Doctor Who star and a respectable fine artist in his own right.  So of course it was natural that he’d contribute a  Doctor Who themed bear.  😉  It’s quite adorable.


The Paddington Trail: Paddington Who?


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