Philae landing live coverage — and XKCD!

With landing confirmation expected at about 1602 UTC (or about 10AM Central Standard Time), there’s only a couple of hours left before we’ll know if the landing was successful, but if you’re online, check out one of these live coverage streams:

SpaceflightNow Mission Status Center: Live coverage: Philae begins 7 hour descent to comet (with both a live video stream and text coverage)

Rosetta Mission Page (same video stream)

Or for a another look, check out today’s XKCD!  Randall Munroe is getting experimental again, and his comic will update in real time to follow the lander, and what might be passing through its mind, if it were sentient:

XKCD #1446: Landing

UPDATE: As I catch up on the overnight news, I see there’s a thruster problem on Philae; it may just be an instrumentation problem, but at present they cannot confirm that the cold gas thruster will fire to keep Philae snug against the comet while it drives in the ice screws.  They decided to go ahead with release anyway, on the basis that if they are correct about the composition of the comet, the thruster won’t be needed, and there was nothing they could do about the problem anyway.  Cross those fingers a little tighter, folks.  😉


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