Lefse time!

Not much time for a post tonight; I’ve been making lefse and ran out of blogging time.  😉  But if you’ve ever wondered how to make it, this website has not only a great recipe but a fantastic step-by-step tutorial explaining how to do it.  It’s really fun, and worthwhile because fresh lefse is totally awesome.


What do you like putting in your lefse?  Butter and cinnamon sugar was always the classic growing up in our family, but there are other options too.  Strawberry jelly, lingonberries, cloudberries if you’re feeling fancy, Swedish meatballs and gravy (yes, a savory lefse wrap is awesome too! Just be careful it doesn’t fall apart on you; it’s not as strong as a tortilla)….  I’ve also found that leftover Hollandaise is awesome on lefse, and so is hummus, for a sort of fusion cuisine.  😉  If you have not tried lefse, try to find some this holiday season, and give it a whirl!  Made with potatoes, flour, cream, butter, and sugar, it’s good simple fun.


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