Orion EFT-1 Fully Successful!

The EFT-1 flight of the Orion spacecraft was a complete success!  The Delta IV Heavy rocket blasted off right on time at 7:05 AM EST from Cape Canaveral Air Station.  The Orion capsule completed two orbits of the Earth, with the second orbit boosted high enough to get a good dose of radiation in the lower Van Allen Belt and demonstrate performance in that environment.  That done, it splashed down in the Pacific Ocean and was recovered by the USS Anchorage.  And now: the video replays!

Vehicle rollout and stacking, starting with erection of the Delta IV Heavy:

Delta IV Heavy/Orion/EFT-1 launch, as broadcast live on NASA TV, including rocketcam images; watch the strap-on cores separate around 4:18:

Replays from various cameras:

The view out Orion’s window during the descent:

And the splashdown, as seen from the USS Anchorage:



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4 responses to “Orion EFT-1 Fully Successful!

  1. So cool. Gonna be an awesome decade for astronomy

    • No kidding! We’ve got a lot of awesome stuff to look forward to on the robotic front. Rosetta’s at its target. Hayabusa 2 is on its way. Dawn will get to Ceres pretty soon; it’ll start the approach around Christmastime, to arrive in the spring. JWST is finally taking shape, to launch aboard Ariane 5 in just a few more years. It’s exciting!

  2. Tim

    meh (nice music). Do the trains still say “do not hump” down there?? ‘Cause I’m feelin’ kinda randy.

  3. Tim

    You know, I’d have thought that was even real if it wasn’t that the announcer was the out-of-work, overweight actor, Dan Aykroyd. Annnd I’ve seen better graphics implementation with Orbiter 2006 and Minecraft.

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