Waiting for Christmas: Last Christmas Teasers and Reviews!

“Last Christmas” is the official title of this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special, and it looks like it’s gonna be awesome.  Reviews are very positive (and blessedly spoiler-free), generally agreeing that it’s scary and standalone but also very much tying up the ends to Season Eight.

Blogtor Who gives it 8 out of 10

Den of Geek calls it a “surprisingly scary festive tale”

The Mirror says it “breathes new life into a tired cliche”, but of course doesn’t tell us what the cliche is.  😉

It should be scary and funny and exciting and wonderful, and apparently is more like the climax to Season Eight than a standalone (though it does evidently stand alone all right).  Moffatt described it as Alien meets Miracle on 34th Street, which certainly sounds interesting, and several reviewers have commented that the Dream Crabs (the new monster for the day) are quite terrifying.  They appear to be basically facehuggers or headcrabs, but with some sort of ability to manipulate your dreams.

And we’ve got trailers and teasers to enjoy as well!  It looks like the episode will have serious moments and also moments that are utterly bonkers.  Exactly what a fan needs on Christmas Day!

And on a marginally-related note, the Series Nine opener will be called “The Magician’s Apprentice”.  Any unstoppable brooms with buckets of water, I wonder?


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