There’s a new star in Sagittarius

The nova (literally “new star”) Sagittarius 2015 No. 2 has brightened to magnitude 4.3 — enough for naked-eye visibility, which is not unheard of, but not very common either.  If your skies are favorable tonight (mine aren’t — we’re in a winter storm advisory here, with thick clouds overhead) and if you can see Sagittarius from your location, go outside and take a peak at this new star!

Astronomers watching the event say that that its consistent with a white dwarf star undergoing a hydrogen fusion explosion on its surface.  It may start dimming soon, so if you have the chance, go out and take a peak!  Watch the spot over the next few weeks as it dims and eventually disappears from view.

Check the following link for starmaps to help you find it:

SkyAndTelescope: Nova in Sagittarius Now 4th Magnitude!


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