Name that rocket!

No, this isn’t a silhouette identification quiz (though maybe I’ll do one of those later….), this is an actual request from United Launch Alliance.  The Atlas V and Delta IV rockets developed under the USAF’s Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program are not very competitive anymore, and ULA is working on a vehicle that can replace them both.  Currently designated the Next Generation Launch System and slated to be powered by Blue Origin’s methane-burning BE-4 engine, this rocket needs a name.  And they’ve decided to drop the legacy of both Atlas and Delta.  This will get a new name.

ULA has narrowed down the slate of contenders to three: Eagle, Freedom, or GalaxyOne.  Click here to vote for your choice!

(Note: GalaxyOne?  Seriously?  Sounds like a Samsung smartphone, not one of the most powerful launch vehicles on the planet.)


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