And now you’ve named a rocket, why not some places?

NASA is looking for some names to use for yet-to-be-discovered features on Pluto and Charon in a few months.  They won’t have time to linger, so they want a large preselected list of about 100 to be going with.  They’re soliciting choices from three ballots (plus another shorter one for kids) covering the History of Exploration, the Literature of Exploration, and the Mythology of the Underworld.  (Fittingly, since Pluto is the lord of the underworld.)  They’re not all Greco-Roman, and not even all mythological — Literature of Exploration includes names like Han Solo, and my personal favorite is from Mythology of the Underworld: Z’ha’dum!

So go ahead.  Vote on your favorites!  They need your help before the pictures start coming back!  The winners will be submitted to the IAU for pre-approval before being applied to actual surface features, which will ensure there will be no need for interim names.  And you’ll help put a name on a map.  😉

Our Pluto: Public campaign to name the surface features on Pluto and Charon


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