Lunar eclipse, April 4 2015

The eclipse is nearing totality!  Which means for me in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, that the Moon is also setting.  I will miss totality.  But I’m getting some pictures anyway.  In a few minutes, I will go for a walk to see if I can get some pictures of the Belt of Venus.  There’s a spot a few blocks away that should have a clear line of sight to the horizon in that direction.  (EDIT: nope, too darn many trees even there.  If the Moon were setting a little bit further to the north, it would’ve worked.)  It’s still a bit too early for that; Sun is still too low below the horizon.  But here are some pictures I got just outside my house.  They’re not fantastic, but they are the best moon pictures I’ve ever taken.  Somehow, it took me this long to realize I could use the timer to avoid camera shake….. IMG_20150404_051154 IMG_20150404_051334 IMG_20150404_051406


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