Progress M-27M is in trouble

Progress M-27M blasted off from Baikonur Cosmodrome early this morning:

All seemed well at first, but after separation from the rocket it quickly became apparent that all was not well.  There are some signs the upper stage of the rocket may not have burned long enough, and if that weren’t enough fun, the Kurs antennas have not deployed, and worst of all, it seems to be tumbling out of control and isn’t responding to controllers.  They are getting downlink data from it at least, but the situation looks very bad.  They will keep doing their damnedest to get it under control, but I’m not optimistic.  Check out this video:

This is the 59th Progress mission to the ISS (ISS-59P).  If it indeed fails to reach the station, the situation is not dire for those on the ISS.  They have adequate supplies for the immediate future.  But Roscosmos will want to understand this failure before launching the next Progress.


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