Dragon 2 Pad Abort Test Successful!

Dragon 2 successfully blasted itself off the pad at Cape Canaveral Air Station this morning, looking quite tiny between the big lightning rods that normally protect Falcon 9, and splashed down in the Atlantic about a mile away.  Looks like a very wild ride, although it would have been survivable.  Which is, after all, the point.

The test was successful, though as one might expect from a test, not everything went precisely as planned. One of the engines shut down prematurely, leading to MECO about half a second early, and a downrange distance a bit shy of the plan.  It was still far enough away from the pad to protect the crew against an exploding Falcon 9.  SpaceX engineers will have plenty of work going over all the engineering data they collected and working out what needs improvement.

Congrats on a great test, SpaceX!


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