There are five lights! Or possibly even more . . . on Ceres

And actually, that’s just in one crater.  Remember the mysterious bright spot, that turned out to be a bright spot in the bottom of a crater, and then turned out to be two bright spots in the bottom of a crater, along with other bright spots elsewhere on Ceres?

Well, Dawn is now able to clearly see the spots from much closer.  They’re still way too bright to easily photograph, but we can now tell that it’s not two lights.

It’s at least five, and probably more.


Dawn mission scientists have established very little about the spots, other than that they’re reflecting sunlight (because they can’t be seen on the night side of Ceres).  As to what they are, that will have to wait for more detailed analysis, and probably also a lower mapping orbit later in the mission.

Also, check out those striations across Ceres in this picture!  They’re not as extensive as the canyons of Dione, Saturn’s moon, but they sure are intriguing all the same.


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