Randall Munroe is writing another book!

A few months ago, I bought the XKCD poster of “Up Goer Five“, which seeks to explain the Saturn V using only the thousand most common words in the English language.  It’s harder than it sounds, but the result is rather lovely.  So I hung it up in my kids’ playroom so they’d be constantly exposed to it.  😉  But what if more was explained in this way?  Well, Munroe is about to answer that question for us.  His new large-format book “Thing Explainer” will be a coffee-table sized book full of these sorts of blueprints, and I’m quite excited about it!  It will be coming out November 24, 2015, and you can pre-order it from many booksellers; just follow the “Thing Explainer” link for details.

And of course, here’s the poster that started it (which you can still buy for your wall):


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