Philae has woken up!!!

Philae had a tough time when it landed; it bounced kilometers into the sky before coming to rest inconveniently close to a boulder that shaded its solar panels.  It fell silent due to inadequate power from its solar cells.  But ESA controllers never gave up; they crossed their fingers and hoped that as the comet grew closer to the Sun, the power to the solar arrays would increase until eventually it could phone home again.

And it did!

Late yesterday evening, they received a signal from Philae.  300 packets to analyze, most telemetry, showing that against the odds, the lander is in good health and has a bunch more data to send back later.  Power levels are very healthy, and its core temperature is fine, showing that the solar cells and heater are operating well.  ESA controllers hope to get more data out of it, and to pinpoint its location in Rosetta imagery.

Welcome back, Philae!  I hope you enjoyed your nap, and are ready to work!


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