From Pluto With Love

Now things are getting exciting!  Five days and nine hours away now!  And the pictures are steadily improving.  Here’s the latest press release image, taken with the LORRI camera and combined with lower-res imagery from the RALPH instrument to bring it into color.  And awww, it looks like Pluto’s sending us a heart.  😉

HEART - 7-8-15_Pluto_color_new_NASA-JHUAPL-SWRI

The “heart” region may just be an optical illusion, appearing heart-shaped only from this angle, but we’ll soon know for sure.  The dark area at the bottom is informally called “the whale”, and Pluto’s polar region is near the top center.  This image was captured early this morning, so it’s less than a day old.

If you want the absolute most recent images available on Earth, click this link for the LORRI raw image database.


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