Teasers! New Horizons and LEGO Doctor Who!

With just a few days left to go before New Horizons reaches its closest approach to Pluto, I figured I’d share this teaser to help get you excited for the encounter.  😉

This we have to wait a little longer for — September, to be precise.  The LEGO Dimensions game looks like it won’t just have a *little* Doctor Who.  It’ll have a lot.  And yes, that is Peter Capaldi’s voice.  I believe the Daleks are also Nicholas Briggs, who doesn’t seem to ever need to be asked twice, and though we don’t hear her in this, Jenna Coleman has also done voice work for the game.  It is not, alas, Sir Ian McKellen voicing Gandalf, though.  I would assume he was unavailable at the time.  Wildstyle and Batman I think have the same voices they did in The LEGO Movie.  Anyway, this video shows some of the gameplay, and it looks excellent.  One nice little touch: in LEGO games, death is extremely temporary and you get infinite respawns with minimal penalty besides dropping all your studs (some of which you may be able to recover if you’re quick).  In this game, if you’re playing as the Doctor, when you die you regenerate into another Doctor.  😉  If you die a lot (and I do), you’ll cycle through all of them endlessly.


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