Adam Savage’s Comic-Con Disguise Revealed! And it’s his awesomest yet!

He’s done some amazing prop copies, but this year he outdid himself.  First off, he wanted to do a really authentic replica of the suits worn on the Moon in “2001: A Space Odyssey”.  Second, he wanted to avoid the overheating problems he had in the suit he wore last year, so he devised a cooling garment that works on basically the same principal as the ones in actual spacesuits.  Last, he knew that everybody would be looking for the awesomest cosplayer there in expectation of finding Adam, so he did something extra: he got somebody to come along as a decoy, since this way there would be *two* of them.  But who to bring as a decoy?  Well, it’s a spacewalking exercise, so who better than an actual spacewalker?  He persuaded Chris Hadfield to come along.  And it’s interesting listening as they suit up, and Hadfield compares the suit to the real deal.  It’s fascinating, awesome, and a great deal of fun!


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