Almost there! Just a million miles to go! (updated with Charon image)

You have to be going pretty dang fast for the word “just” to go along with “million”, but that’s New Horizons for you.  I’ve scheduled this post to fire at 10:23 PM CDT, because that’s the moment New Horizons is *precisely* a million miles from its target.

Here’s what that target looked like yesterday, in the last image posted to the New Horizons’ website, with tantalizing looks at what appears to be some interesting geology and rugged surface features:

Pluto Annotated 7-12-15

Charon Annotated 7-12-15

Wow.  Just wow.  It’s actually quite an interesting place.  And quite distinct from what Voyager 2 saw of Triton, until now the most similar object ever observed.  Let’s see what they find in a couple of days!


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