Cassini continues to amaze: red streaks on Tethys

OK, so Cassini’s been in orbit around Saturn since 2004.  It’s visited Tethys several times.  But dang, it’s still found a new amazing thing!  Check this out:


This image is the first taken of this part of Tethys under ideal lighting conditions.  Previous images did give some hint of the streaks, but this is the first to show them really well.  It is an enhanced color image, but still, the streaks are absolutely real features.  And now we’re back to the same dilemma we once had with Dione’s wisps: either a reddish material has been streaked across the surface, or something has scraped through a lighter surface material to reveal a reddish substrate.

That may be the most wonderful thing about exploration of all — no matter how much you find, there’s always more around the corner.  😉


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