Poetry and the Doctor

There’s a new Tumblr out there, “Poems of an Unknown Companion“, that you really should check out.  It’s written by a friend of mine in the voice of a mysterious companion who knows the Doctor very well, but who has not been able to travel with him for a long time and misses him.  The companion has been following his adventures as best as possible, waiting for the time when they meet again, but the wait has been very long.

It’s a theme explored on the show itself, of course, when we saw how much Sarah Jane had missed the Doctor, and how long it was before she saw him again.  Knowing the Doctor definitely changes people — for the better, absolutely, but not without a cost, and at least part of that cost is that no one can ever measure up to friendship with that strange wanderer.

One other thing we’ve seen is that the best companions understand the Doctor very well — sometimes better than he’ll admit himself.  In those times, they become a mirror by which he can see himself.  Break him out of his despondency, give him the chance to correct a mistake before it is too late, remind him what it is that is so important to him.  (Which, of course, is why it’s important he never travel alone.)  That theme definitely carries through in the Unknown Companion’s writings, with the added poignancy of wondering if he’d ever hear it.

She’ll be adding to the blog continually, so make sure to visit periodically.  Dip a toe into this unknown companion’s mind.  If you like classical-style poetry and Doctor Who, you definitely won’t regret it.


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