Series Nine Episode Hints!

In an interview with SFX, Stephen Moffat has revealed a few tasty hints to whet our appetites (as if we needed it!) for Series Nine.  And with this many two-parters, I think we can happily say the cliffhanger is back!

Episodes 1&2:

This will involve lots of Daleks, according to the Moff, “and this time we mean it”.  Eagle eyes have already spotted a huge number of classic Daleks, including the Special Weapons Dalek, which hopefully this time will actually get to do something.  Missy is involved, although whether she’s on the Daleks’ side or against them or something else entirely is yet to be seen.  And at least part of it is on Skaro — probably the material the crew was seen filming on Lanzarote, which seems to have become the modern series’ fancier substitute for the gravel quarries of the old days.  Capaldi hinted earlier that the Doctor would find himself on a sort of traditional battleground, where he tries to save someone, but makes a terrible mistake.  Hmmm…..

Episodes 3&4:

Written by Toby Whithouse (“School Reunion”, “Vampires of Venice”, “The God Complex”, “A Town Called Mercy”), this is a classic “base under siege” story, set on an island that is flooding.  According to the Moff, it’s scary and atmospheric and claustrophobic and involves ghosts — probably the hollow-eyed fellows we’ve seen in the trailers.

Episodes 5&6 (“The Girl Who Died”/”The Woman Who Lived”):

These are now admitted to actually be a two parter, featuring Maisie Williams.  Part one is in Viking times, and part two is probably the 17th Century and involves highwaymen.  Sounds like many buckles will be swashed in this one, with a strong theme of Norse mythology across both episodes.

Episodes 7&8:

Written by Peter Harness (of, yes, “Kill the Moon”), this two-parter follows on from “Day of the Doctor”.  I guess we finally get to see what kind of a truce the humans and Zygons worked out.  “The Zygons made peace with the Humans, but not every Zygon decided it was okay so they’ve been raising an army, silently and now they’re rising against UNIT!”  Oh, and Osgood is  back, although whether this was before she died, or whether this is her Zygon duplicate, or it was the Zygon who got atomized by Missy, we don’t know.  But apparently this has been in the planning for a couple of years now.

Episode 9:

The only one-parter of the season, this comes from Mark Gatiss and he’s telling us absolutely nothing about it.  Except that it’s apparently very good.  “An instant classic,” in Moffat’s words.

Episodes 11&12:

The finale.  Moffatt said basically nothing whatsoever about it, except that apparently our heroes will be in very serious trouble at some point.  So, it’ll be Doctor Who.  😉


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