The BBC Wants YOU To Create Doctor Who Art!

Mission: Dalek has launched, as the BBC solicits submissions from We The Fanbase, to be posted on social media, optionally using clues from the Doctor’s 2,000-year Diary and actual BBC copywrited material made available for the purposes of this event.  All must be digital, and up to 90 seconds in length.  Video, audio, comic book, animation, whatever — they want us to be creative, above all else, and to try to explain just where the Doctor has disappeared to.  Once you post your art to social media, there is an e-mail address to which you may submit it to the BBC as well for consideration in a contest; best UK submissions will win a trip to visit the set, while global fans get to just be part of the fun.

It’s gonna be cool to see what fans bombard us all with over the next few weeks.  😉  YouTube will go nuts.

Doctor Who Mission Dalek


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