Return of the Revenge of the Omnirumor: “The Underwater Menace” *IS* coming out on DVD!

The omnirumor: the rumor that most or all of the missing “Doctor Who” episodes have been found, somewhere, and will be restored.  It periodically surfaces and then submerges, but one bit got as far as offiical confirmation: although all the episodes of “The Underwater Menace” have not been found, it was going to be released anyway with missing portions recreated in animated form.  A while back, the BBC reneged on that, announcing that the animation was not going to happen, and we all had a sad.

But now we can have at least part of a happy!  The BBC has abruptly announced they’re gonna release it after all!  It’s coming out in October, and former companion Anneke Wills (“Polly”) will autograph copies pre-ordered through her website here.

What remains unclear is exactly what will be on the disk.  Episodes 2 and 3 are reportedly going to be provided in a remastered form (they’ve previously been released in collections of incomplete serials), and there are some nice extras as well.  But no word is given about episodes 1 and 4.  Are they animated after all?  Are they a telesnap reconstruction?  Or what?  Inquiring minds want to know.  😉


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