Soyuz rocket up, Soyuz spacecraft down

I gotta admit, it’s fun to listen to the French countdown for this classic Russian rocket.  😉  It’s also fun watching the higher quality video produced by the Europeans who manage the launches from French Guiana.  Although the seeing is generally much worse in the tropical rainforest as compared to the dry Kazakh steppes, they definitely invest in better cameras at Kourou.  This rocket placed Galileo FM05 and Galileo FM06 into the correct orbits, adding to the Galileo navigation satellite constellation.

There is no rocketcam on this one, but they do include footage from a prior (daylight) Soyuz flight from Kourou.  It’s great fun!

And then later today, the Soyuz TMA-16M spacecraft landed successfully in Kazakhstan, returning Gennady Padalka, Andreas Mogensen, and Aidyn Aimbetov to the Earth.  The crew have all been extracted from the spacecraft and are in good health.


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