Christmas is coming early! Class, War Doctor audios, the Underwater Menace, and LEGO Doctor Who!

Oh, there are just so many goodies coming out from the Doctor Who pantheon right now!

First off, those of us missing all the spinoffs from the RTD era may get something to fill us up: a spinoff called “Class” involving the students of Coal Hill School.  Not much has been released about it yet, as presumably its still in development, but it will be the first TV series for writer Patrick Ness, acclaimed young-adult fiction writer.  Maybe we can keep hoping to finally get that Ian Chesterson guest appearance.  😉

Class – Doctor Who spin-off for teens planned for BBC Three

Next, a very exciting bit of news for John Hurt fans — he’s signed on to do four box-set audio dramas with Big Finish as the War Doctor!  Each box set will contain three hour-long adventures linked together into an overarching story.  The first and second sets have been announced: Only the Monstrous and Infernal Devices.  Sets three and four are still in development.  They’ve also announced another set of Eighth Doctor stories, for Paul McGann fans to enjoy.  😉  These will be direct prequels to “Night of the Doctor”, and thus retain the overall sense of telling the story of the Time War at last.  I expect these will go very nicely alongside the excellent novel “Engines of War”.

John Hurt returns as the War Doctor for audio adventures

Next, the Omnirumor keeps raising its head, and “The Underwater Menace” remains one of the frequently rumored ones.  But alas, although the effort to animate its two missing episodes fell through, it’s not because the episodes were discovered.  However, it *is* being released on DVD, with the missing parts reconstructed via telesnaps and the surviving audio, and with a full hour of extra material.

Region Two pre-order link at

Region One pre-order link at

Lastly, but certainly not least, the first Doctor Who LEGO set has been announced!  And it looks *nice*!  It extends on the sort of transforming-TARDIS concept that had been submitted via the LEGO Ideas site, where you unfold the Police Box to reveal the interior, only the console room here is larger and more ambitious.  Presenting basically the tail end of “The Time of the Doctor”, it comes with four minifigs: Clara, a Weeping Angel, and Doctors #11 and #12.  Also parts to build two Daleks to minifig scale.  I so totally need this…..



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