Is it just me, or is this a better Doctor Who theme?

Last weekend, for “Before the Flood”, the Doctor Who team swapped out the theme song on a one-time-only basis.  And it is awesome.

How awesome?

Well, this is as far as I know the first time they’ve let the star actually play it for the theme.  Yes, that really is Peter Capaldi making the music, and it is wonderful.  😉  I’m only sad that apparently this is a one-time thing and not something they’re going to do throughout.  Because honestly, the Doctor Who theme is a lot better with electric guitar.  😉  Even if it’s just adding chords over Murray Gold’s existing arrangement of Ron Grainer’s original tune; it really does add a lot, and I think part of it is because it calls back to the more analog way that electronica was made back in 1963.  Less of the digital synth feel this way.  Whatever the case, it’s awesome, and you should enjoy it.

Radio Times: Peter Capaldi plays electric guitar over Doctor Who opening credits


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